You will find the following air duct cleaning tips helpful and receive excellent ideas on how to best maintain them

The best advice to all those interested in learning more about air ducts and how to take care of the HVAC unit. Learn more about air duct and HVAC unit cleaning procedures and why it is vital to keep the dryer ducts clean, too. The best tips ever! They are easy to read and include helpful solutions

Check out practical tips for proper air duct cleaning and protection to keep your home and family clean and healthy.

Dirty air duct can affect your health. Want to learn how and what you can do about it? Read the following tips! It is easy to understand and to follow each and every one of them. It all begins with careful reading. Take the first step towards cleaner, healthier air right now.

Clean the dryer filter before and after every use of the appliance

This is essential for reducing the lint circulating around the appliance and accumulating in the exhaust vent. By turning this simple task into a habit, you will have a successfully operating dryer for longer. The appliance will use energy more efficiently and the risk of fire will be lower.

Replace disposable HVAC air filters as often as recommended by the manufacturer

The replacement frequency is directly linked to the thickness of the filters. Thinner 1-inch models should be changed every three months at least. Some may require replacement every two months. Thicker filters measuring 3 to 5 inches will typically require changing once a year.

Check the position of HVAC drain pans regularly

If any of the pans does not slope towards the drain, adjust it accurately to avoid HVAC system inefficiency and malfunction.

Don't try to clean air ducts by yourself

Most people will use the wrong technique when trying to clean an air duct by themselves. Many will try to use long heavy instruments to try and wipe inner surfaces. The walls and inner components of an air duct system are quite fragile and can be easily damaged by long uncontrollable objects like brooms or sticks. It is best to let a professional use the proper methods.

Have your air duct cleaned regularly to maintain air quality within your property

If you allow your air vents and air ducts to remain dirty for long periods of time, they will start to collect debris, bacteria and moisture which can lead to mold growth and the spawning of various air pollutants. Having these impurities circulate throughout the air in your home can lead to very poor air quality.

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