Do you have questions about new air ducts, duct replacement, and cleaning? Check out the following answers

It's only natural for people to have questions related to air ducts! Learn what to do in order to avoid filthy indoor environments plus several health problems. Read the answers provided here below and find out how to avoid and deal with issues

Air duct repair and cleaning and excellent HVAC maintenance

Get better prepared for resolving and preventing problems with the help of this FAQ page dedicated to air duct cleaning. Obtain practical information and advice in an easy and convenient manner. The content is readily available to anyone who wants to use it, so read on and expand your knowledge.

Obtain valuable knowledge on air duct cleaning and upkeep with the help of this specially designed FAQ page.

When is it necessary to replace air ducts?

Air duct replacement is vital when the ducts are old and heavily damaged. Even if they are not very old but are not insulated, our professionals would suggest their replacement. You must also see if air duct repair will cost you nearly as much as having the ducts replaced. If there are many cracked parts, go ahead and have them replaced.

Will clean ducts mean that I will have less dust in my home?

Yes. Once we clean your air ducts, you will definitely notice there is less dust in the air throughout your home.

How often should HVAC furnace air filters be changed?

This depends primarily on the type of filter that you use. The traditional fiberglass filters which are just one-inch thick should be replaced every 90 days or even every 60 days if you have children, smokers or pets in your house. Pleated and electrostatic filters which have a higher efficiency rating can usually work well for up to 12 months. Still, you should keep an eye on them to replace them timely.

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