How to Minimize Air Duct Contamination

How to Minimize Air Duct Contamination

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Whether you just got your air ducts cleaned or you haven’t, there are preventive measures that you can practice in your home to reduce the production of dust and debris in your air ducts. Here are some simple ways:How to Minimize Air Duct Contamination

1-    Air Filters

Air filters work to prevent dirt from entering your air duct system. Get a filter that is from the same contractor of your healing and cooling system.

2-    Change the Filters

Apart from installing a filter, you also need to regularly change these filters when they become clogged. 

3-    Deep Cleaning

When you clean your air ducts make sure you clean the drain pans as well as the cooling coils. Experienced and professional cleaners know that already - but you, on the other hand, need to check to be sure. 

4-    Seal off During Renovation

If you are getting your house renovated, a good thing to do is to get your air ducts cleaned after the renovation is complete. But if you aren’t calling anyone, then make sure to switch off the operation of your heating and cooling system until the dust has been cleaned. 

5-    Vacuum the floors regularly

Vacuuming regularly especially when you have pets will reduce the necessary maintenance of your air ducts. Use a high-efficiency vacuum cleaner because otherwise, you’d just be spreading, even more, dirt and dust all around your house and into your air-ducts. 

6-    Repair damage quickly

If you notice any buzzing sound or drop in temperature or any fluctuation with your system, there may be damage to your air ducts. Get a professional to check this for you as soon as possible as you don’t want the damage to be extensive. 

7-    Check for Moisture

There should not be any moist in your air ducts. Moisture opens up a natural breeding ground for biological growth, and that’s something you're definitely not interested in. Moisture can enter the system via leaks or if the installation was not done right. If you notice condensation near the cooling coils of your air conditioning units, then this is a sign that there's moisture in the system. 

These are just the easy and straightforward maintenance steps that you can take on your own to ensure that your cooling and heating system is running as it should. If you are worried that something is wrong, do not hesitate to contact our local air-duct cleaning company.

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